Parental Filter


Avoid your children to access adult content sites



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If your children have started their internet experience and step by step they are reaching new websites, maybe it’s time to stop them from entering those sites you don’t like them to visit.

Parental Filter is, as its name clearly shows, a filter you can apply to the internet browser and your children will be able to visit only the websites you think are good for them.

Internet is really big world and ayou can find lots of information, news, games, programs, music, help,... but you can also find porn, sex, violence and more, and if you can your children too. Now you are on time if you instal Parental filter.

Create a list with the webs you allow them or maybe the ones you don’t want, protected words,...

Internet is an interesting world and now you decide how big it is for your children.

Of course, when it is running it is password protected.
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